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London by Aztec

The day actually started as a trip out with a friend Timothy in his Aztec after it had been fitted with new bladder tanks. He wanted to check the fuel capacity against a myriad of electronic equipment and his Garmin GNS530 which also measures fuel flow, before his epic trip to the Artic Circle and Svalbard.

The day started from Biggin Hill and the first leg was a quick dash to Calais. We then flew up the east coast past Southend to carry out various tests above East Anglia at various levels, starting off at 2000' and then every 2000' to 10000'.

After munching peanut butter and marmite sandwiches at 10000' above Norwich we descended to low level again before following the Thames up to the QE2 Bridge and getting a transit into the City Zone as far as Vauxhall Bridge and back. The photos below are those taken at this stage of the trip.

Now running low on fuel after 4.5 hours airborne we bimbled around Kent until the main tanks ran dry. Incredibly after all that time, the electronics were a couple of litres out in their guess-timation of capacity. Switching to reserve we then landed back at Biggin to fill up with 456 litres of fuel and put the aeroplane away for the night.

London City Airport

London City Airport ; One on!

QE2 Bridge as we orbited awaiting clearance into the zone

Birds Eye View of Canary Wharf

HMS Belfast

The bridges of London

Canary Wharf

The London Eye

The London Eye as most don't see it

The Thames looking west

The Thames Barrier

Over Central London

The City

Looking back east

London Town

The Millenium Dome

Another view down the Thames

More views of the city

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast