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16th September 2004

Today was a special day. Having considered many options since passing my Skills Test earlier this year I had decided one thing for definite - I can't afford to keep on flying at the rate I am at club rental rates. I've had enormous fun and have amassed 70 odd hours this year, which as we all know translates into close on 8000 in aircraft rental I had been aiming for a share in a 4 seater so that the family can go flying with me.

I have sat and gone over and over the figures this last week and realised that it may well be better to rent a 4 seater on the odd occasion I do actually have the need to carry 3 or 4 passengers and go for the cheaper option of a 2 seater for "everyday" use.

Also missing out on a share in a TB10 earlier last week by 24 hours focussed my mind on what type I can really utilise to the full at the cheapest cost while I build my experience from green to slightly less green So today, I went and flew a Cessna 152 Aerobat and loved it.

Me, who favours low wing too!!

A new engine 50 hours ago, so loads of life left (and therefore more value for money in the share price) and an established contingency fund and a sensible way of charging to ensure that all costs are met. I found it very stable and surprisingly better to fly than the run of the mill club aircraft.
Cleaner, everything working, flies straight and true and a good enough equipment fit to look at seriously doing my IMC over the winter months. And it cruises at 95 to 100 knots too.

So time to start flying further afield without the club restrictions and at a better rate, along with the pride of part ownership. Looking forward to it tremendously. And even managed a good landing having not flown a Cessna for nigh on 2 years.

Just to add a deeper dent to my now emptier pockets I splashed out on a GPS so expect questions on how on earth do you work this thing??? A Pilot III by the way.

Look forward to seeing you soon at an airfield near you. Strange feeling this part ownership thing. Feel really chuffed though. I know it's only a 152 but it's a start.

Me and my baby over the Seven Sisters, Sussex.

With Lewes in the background just above the inversion layer

A steep turn even flyguy would be proud of