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Upside down, round and round...with video

Posted by andyreohorn on October 14, 2007 at 6:28 PM

Having not even been expecting to fly today, it was a great day out. Absolutely horrible, murky and dismal below the inversion, beautiful (as usual) out on top.

My turn to impress my fellow Mad Dog with my abysmal attempts at stall turns, though managed some more acceptable loops, cubans and rolls and some general larking about followed. Seeing the world from all sorts of wierd angles is becoming far more normal now. The rate I mess up stall turns it is a good job I am getting used to having the green 'up top'!

I think the new Farnborough LARS are also getting used to us on their screens now, must have made an amusing radar trace and I dread to think what they are able to see re their height readouts Razz

Back down into the murk and a Sunday roast at Lydd, whilst Ridders carried out some repairs on my headset, in order that he could hear my screams after lunch as he painted pretty radar traces across the sky.

Hunger satisfied, we were soon airborne for the 12 minute journey to Headcorn......hmmmmm, well ok, it took an hour Cool

I realised that there is a heaven, as my pilot for the journey proved that he too can mess up big time doing stall turns. I was absolutely delighted that I survived a good few aeros as a passenger without feeling ill. Result!!!

Some circuit revision on short field done, we landed and made our way to the pumps for fuel, before enjoying a well deserved cuppa and a chat with the others.

After admiring the Pup that is now JB's steed, we took off and rapidly arrived echelon right for a few photos, popped over to have a closer look at echelon left and then decided it was not a good idea as JB headed into the setting sun to try and keep it up and played with power settings all the way back to base.

Love it when days work out like this - cheers Ridders

And the video can be found here  --->>>


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Reply anonymous
6:59 AM on October 15, 2007 
excellent!! it says oops and oh dear!!??? i wouldn't know if that was good or bad all looks pretty <img alt="puke" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/puke.gif">
; to me! now rolls......... i like rolls.... can handle them<img alt="cool" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/cool.gif">
; <br> <br>me xx
Reply Ness
7:32 AM on October 16, 2007 
BLAH! can't access youtoob at work - will have to wait till I get home... <br> <br>mind you if it's as <img alt="puke" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/puke.gif">
; as what the comment suggests maybe I'll wait till I'm feeling better. <br> <br>When's it MY turn????? <img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
Reply anonymous
10:56 AM on October 16, 2007 
Oh dear, looks like your passenger list is getting longer and longer sweetie! <br> <br>Don't keep them all waiting as long as you did between my flights with you now ay <img alt="cool" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/cool.gif">
; <br> <br>me xx