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Airplane Spotting

Please respect the privacy of others and just look at these images rather than copying them 

Bulldog at Sandown Reg unknown 2004

Taylorcraft G-AHNR 2005

Luscombe G-AKUG at Sandown 2004

Piper PA28  G-AXTA on Final Shoreham R20

Cessna 150 G-BPAX overhead Seaford 2005

Luscombe G-BTCH at Sandown  2004

Luscombe G-BVGW at home 2005

Jet Provost G-BWGT Kemble 2005

Tobago TB10  G-FLEA now based Leicester

Pitts Special  G-PITZ

Cessna 172  G-BSEP pictured at Kemble 2005

PA28R on the Apron at Shoreham 2005

G-ATJC in fine form at Oban 2005

Taylorcraft  G-BRPX  Stoke Golding 2005

Yak 52  G-BWOD Stoke Golding 2005

Husky on floats  G-WATR at Oban 2005

Yak 52  G-YYAK at Oban 2005

Mooney G-ATOU at Stoke Golding 2005

Pawnee Glider Tug G-BAUC at Parham 2004

Pitts Special  G-BKVP Stoke Golding 2005