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A Funny Tale

It’s going to take a long long time to live this one down…………

I had considered keeping quiet but figured no harm done and a big lesson learnt. In addition it was a very public place so I doubt it will go unmentioned, plus I wanted to say a big thanks to the people involved who stopped the day being a disaster!! And it will give a few people a long loud laugh at my expense and I can handle that.

The ribbing from SWMBO is pretty unbearable but what the hell.

My first trip in the newly acquired group aircraft so I figured I would make it a simple one.
I have never been to Popham and took the opportunity today to visit. It was the Annual Fly-In for The Solent Aviation Society so the field promised to be full of Lush Luscombe’s and Pristine Pietenpol’s.

The ride up from Shoreham was bumpy but good visibility ensured a lovely view. I negotiated the curved approach onto R26 far better than I thought I would. There were people and planes everywhere and I parked up down the far end of the field.

We walked up the field and bumped into a couple of forumites from PPRuNe (nice plane Mono!) and stood there chatting for a while before going over to admire Monocock’s new mount, a lovely deep red Luscombe. After a good 15 minutes of admiration and catching up, I wandered over to the office/café to pay my landing fee (or lack of today). Having signed in I went and got a couple of coffees and naughtily a couple of Popham cakes.

At that moment I was approached by a lady clutching a piece of paper. “Are you Mr R?” she asked. “Why yes, can I help?” I enquired. Pointing to the piece of paper in her hand she enquired as to whether the reg number written was mine…………. Oh God, what have I done? Gulp!! Oh no!!

Apparently while we were walking up the field and having a good old yarn, the plane had decided to go for a wander. Downhill. Towards a double row of parked cars. And other planes.

THANK YOU TO THE MARSHALLS WHO SPOTTED IT HAPPENING and hauled it to a halt, unharmed and then proceeded to chock the wheels to make sure it wouldn’t move again. Thank you for saving the day (and having to make some really embarrassing phone calls!!!).

To say I felt a fool is an understatement. Clearly I had either left the brake off or it had decided to release itself. Probably left it off, I guess. WHAT A PLANK!! I don’t know how this comes across in written form but I thought it may raise a few smiles. And a warning to myself to carry chocks and to use them if I’m in any doubt. This was the first time I have ever parked a plane on a slope.

My day could have ended up a lot lot worse had it not been for the quick action by a couple of unknown persons whom I tried to find to say thanks but was unable to locate them. SWMBO is still chuckling. GGGGGgrrrrrrrr!!

Other than the above it was an excellent day.

Popham has now become a favourite haunt.